August 22, 2017



Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what readers are saying about Billy Tucci’s A Child is Born:

“Just finished reading A Child is Born and I had to tell you how amazing it is!!! Your artwork is absolutely beautiful!!  Thank you so much for telling this incredible story!!!”


“Just finished reading ACiB after picking up a few copies. Words fail me, Billy and team. Got me very emotional. You tap the potential and power of comics for the glory of God!”


“I received my copy yesterday (and read it-twice)…this is simply stunning and right down the line true with the Bible story. There are so many things a person could say, but ‘well done’ is the one that comes to mind.”


“Beautiful, inspirational…anything that gets 22 rough, jaded, middle school students quiet is a miracle (not to mention the fact it WAS a miracle). THANK YOU for such a beautiful piece. When one of my students finished reading it…he got really quiet (was sniffing a little) and said, ‘It was good…but we all know the ENDING.’ That is DEEP.”


“I love the detail, I love the art, and the tie to Rick Larson’s work is fascinating. It helped give me a sense of the reality of Mary and Joseph’s experience, and I was touched. But now I want more! There’s so much more of Jesus’s story to tell. I pray that God would have someone continue what you’ve started, whether He calls you or someone else to do it. Thanks so much for your work on this.”


“Amazing work.  I started at the back with ‘The Road to Bethlehem’ and then read the book, both moving and inspirational.  My favorite line (and I will quote it) ‘Jesus is a super-hero, the greatest super-hero to ever walk the earth.’ Thank you Billy, I can’t wait for my husband and me to share this with our 5 year old daughter!”


“Loved your A Child is Born. I ordered it out of Previews just because you (Billy Tucci) wrote it.  And I’m an atheist, so it goes to show how much others should check it out.”


“It is artistically beautiful and an absolute joy to read. Thank you for reminding people what this time of year is for.”


“I picked up the book on Wednesday. It is amazing. My wife is an artist and your images brought her to tears. Well done. I’m recommending this to everyone.”


“Just received my copy of A Child is Born. ♥ All I can say is WOW! The illustrations are even more beautiful than I could have imagined. I know that this book will become a very special family treasure for years to come (I cannot wait for everyone to come home so that I can share it with them). For all of you that did not get a copy–I highly recommend that you do.” 


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