August 22, 2017


A Child is Born: The first Christmas story

The story of the birth of Christ is a familiar one, especially as Christmas  rolls around. It is a story that is told not only in Sunday schools around the  world, but in films, books, television, plays, and sermons. On some level, the  story has almost become trite, and it has been told so often. […]

LHP Review: Christmas

…Billy Tucci’s A Child Is Born is stunningly beautiful. Paul Mounts digitally painted Tucci’s art. Bill Tortolini provides the letters. This is the standard to which comic books/graphic novels should aspire…. Read the rest of this review at the LHP Lutheran Book Review.

A Child is Born

Those of you who enjoy reading comics and graphic novels should consider picking up Billy Tucci’s A Child is Born. I received my copy a week ago, and have found many of the images to be quite fantastic. I am not a huge comic book guy, although I have collected a few over the years. […]

‘Shi’ Comic Book Artist: Jesus Is the World’s Greatest Superhero

A bestselling comic book artist has converted the story of the nativity into a new graphic novel. Billy Tucci, the author and illustrator of the cult classic Shi and numerous Marvel and D.C. comics, said he’s always found the story behind Christmas inspiring. All the same, he said he was intimidated about turning it into […]

Comic book master Billy Tucci draws on personal faith to create a Christmas masterpiece

A Child is Born is a work of passion for Billy Tucci. I just had the opportunity to chat with the in-demand comic book writer/illustrator about his latest work, a masterfully-rendered graphic novel telling of the Nativity story available in comic book stores and at his newly-developed  Apostle Arts website.  I have a copy and I can tell you that each […]

A CHILD IS BORN is a beautiful graphic novel of the Christmas Story

The story of the Nativity has been shared in many mediums, from live Nativity scenes to songs to books and film. Now, award-winning author/filmmaker/illustrator Billy Tucci – known as a ‘rock star’ of superhero comics – uses his art to share the story of Jesus’ birth in the graphic novel, A CHILD IS BORN… Read […]

Billy Tucci on The Rita Cosby Show – December 13, 2011 – Hour 1

Author, filmmaker, and illustrator Billy Tucci discusses his new comic book portraying the birth of Jesus Christ, “A Child Is Born.” Download a podcast of the full interview from WOR 710 AM. (Billy appears in the second half-hour segment.)

Jesus, the Comic-Book Superhero

From our friends at World Vision: How often do you get the chance to read comic books at work? What about one that is centered around Jesus and the Christmas story — or one that benefits the work of an international humanitarian organization? Not often? Or never? That’s why we’ve asked Billy Tucci, a new World […]

New iBook Edition of Billy Tucci’s A Child is Born Puts the Color of Christmas at Your Fingertips

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Fredericksburg, Texas, December 13, 2011 – Apostle Arts today announced the release of Billy Tucci’s A Child is Born—the hugely popular graphic novella by Eisner-nominated writer/artist, Billy Tucci—to the Apple iBookstore. Adapted from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, and bookended by the original print and variant cover illustrations, the iBook edition […]

Video Review – Billy Tucci’s “A Child is Born”

Jim Johnson reviews “A Child is Born,” the retelling of the birth of Jesus Christ by Billy Tucci and just in time for the Christmas season! View the full video review at BackToThePast.