August 22, 2017


Review: Billy Tucci’s A Child is Born

On November 23, Billy Tucci’s A Child is Born will arrive in comic book stores, but Billy had copies for sale at his table at this past weekend’s Wizard World Austin, and I was lucky enough to get one.

I’m a big fan of Billy Tucci (check out the Captain America he drew for me).  He is an artist with a lot of heart.  If you ever get to meet him, you’ll know doubt agree.  He is very energetic and gregarious and greets every fan as if it is a thrill to meet the fan.  That heart is also apparent in his work – especially in the last two big projects he has done.  In 2008 he did a mini-series, called Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion, that used DC’s character Sgt. Rock to tell a real-life story about a group of soldiers trapped in the forest during World War II and the people that worked to rescue them.  Billy did a huge amount of research to make that book as accurate as possible, down to the pockets he drew on the uniforms.  As part of that research he met a retired Lieutenant Colonel Eliel Archilla, whom was one of the pilots that volunteered to fly supplies to the soldiers.  When Billy visited Wizard World Texas in 2008 he brought Eliel Archilla with him and focused the panel about the book on LTC Archilla…

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